ISO and Call Tree or ISO and Phone Tree

ISO and Call Tree or ISO and Phone Tree

ISO, an acronym of the International Standards Organisation, is an independent body consisting of experts in every field. These internationally renowned experts formulate set of guidelines and standard practices compiling into ISO standards applicable to various fields.

ISO standards are preferred by the industries to elevate their platform to an internationally recognized arena. Also, ISO accreditation assures their clients of a quality product or service.

A Call Tree, a Tele-communication procedure is used by industries to notify any incident to its stakeholders. We will elaborate the use of call tree with reference to 4, ISO standards, which are applicable to any industry.

●      ISO 45001 & OHSAS for occupational health & safety management

- Mandatory Emergency mock drill of ISO

ISO 45001 is claimed to be built on Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series -  OHSAS 18001, the International Labour Organization’s Occupational Safety and Health - ILO-OSH Guidelines, various national standards and the ILO’s international labour standards & conventions with the potential to save almost three million lives each year, from work-related accidents or diseases.

Call Tree forms the basis of any Mandatory Emergency Mock Drill(s) to be performed periodically, to fulfill the requirements of the standard.

Some of the notifications to escalate with reference to ISO 45001 & OHSAS for occupational health & safety management with reference to any chemical industry, namely a glass manufacturing industry are listed below.

Unsafe condition - loose electrical wiring at shop floor machine shop. Electrical hazard to be rectified

Spillage of hazardous waste in shop floor. To Take appropriate safety precautions, clear the waste and dispose it off in the earmarked place

Glass pieces on the FG handling area. Wear proper PPE and clear the waste immediately

Similarly, in Chemical, Process Control and Construction industries following ISO 45001, the typical messages broadcasted using are listed below.

Oil spillage in the shop floor 4 area. Take safety precautions. Avoid using that way till it is rectified

EOT crane 2 latch not working . Avoid using EOT crane 2 for lifting the materials

Due to rain, dampness in the shop floor, use electrical gloves while operating the electrical appliances

●       ISO 14001 (Environmental  Management System)

- Emergency preparedness and response

ISO 14001 provides a framework to be setup by any organisation towards an effective environmental management system. Clause 4.4.7 - Emergency preparedness and response of the standard warrants the organization to maintain procedures to identify and respond to probable emergency situations and potential accidents. Emergency mock drills become necessary to establish preparedness.

Some of the escalation messages with reference to environmental management under ISO 14001 are listed below.

STP water leakage from tank. Arrest your shop floor drainage to go into STP

Water tank leakage in shop floor 4. to be attended immediately

The aerators not working in ETP. Immediately to attend the aerator motor problem. Stop the discharge of effluent

Dust collectors not working in shop floor 7. Immediately attend to the failure of dust collectors and restore it

Air stack emission motor problem. Stack emission is not regulated. immediately rectify the stack emission

EMERGENCY MOCK DRILL, is a mandatory requirement for ISO with the frequency of atleast once a year.

When fire drills are more common, some chemical and process industries also perform, emergency mock drill with broadcasting the message on Explosive threat to evacuat

The common covid safety broadcast message that is triggered given below.

Due to covid 19, please maintain physical distancing, wear mask, wash your hands with soap and sanitizer. Follow the safety precautions

●      ISO 22301(Business Continuity Management System)

- Quality, Risk & Compliance Audit procedures

Call tree plays a vital role in triggering vital messages in IT, Production & General Administration

towards maintaining business continuity.

Some of the messages escalated are listed below

Power Outage to get maintenance personnel engaged

Medical emergencies to take care

Operator replacement to meet delivery schedule

In BPO and financial sectors “Server down alert to hook onto redundant server “ is usually broadcasted to avoid penalties.

In BPO sectors, the message – “Compliant issue instigated at client’s end, review data and investigate, drive for corrective and preventive action required immediately”, is also escalated often.

· ISO27001(Information Security Management System)

- CIA - confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

ISO27001 is formulated to enable organizations of any kind to manage the security of assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details or information entrusted by third parties.

Cyber threats continue to plague governments and businesses around the world. These threats are on the rise as cyber criminals increase their focus and know-how. ISO27001 vows to protect organizations against threats and vulnerabilities, and to preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its information, by defining the best practices.

On Unsolicited Email reception the escalation message to upgrade the SPAM filter is frequently triggered.

A broadcast call triggered with the test to voice of the following script through was proven to create more alertness and discussion among employees in their whatsapp groups serving the purpose than the usual spam alert emails.

This is an automated call, to alert you and secure our system from possible Phishing attacks. Some good practices.Exercise extreme caution, when opening e mail attachments or links, even if, the sender appears to be known.Refrain from responding to mails, asking for confidential data.Do not open any executable files, dot e x e dot b a t dot c o m.Do not use office Email I D, for subscribing to any offers.Check for lookalike domain names.Never click on any U R L in, un solicited e mail, even if the link seems to be caring,  attractive,  or,interesting.Report all suspicious email immediately to admin