Automated Call Tree or Automated Phone Tree

Automated Call Tree or Automated Phone Tree

A call tree also termed as phone tree, call list or phone chain plays a crucial role of notifying designated contacts about incidents in Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP). In a manual call tree each person who receives a call is responsible for calling others in the tree. Whereas in an automated call tree, the software application follows a defined table of multiple levels to notify the concerned individuals about the events. The same application is also empowered with recovery coordination towards Recovery Point Objective (RTO) within the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) as defined in DRP of the organisation.

A carefully crafted and scrupulously built automated call tree caters to CIA namely confidentiality, Integrity and Availability specifications of ISO27001(Information Security Management System).

Being a coin the message and communicate system, the events and recovery procedures of an automated call tree can be optimally handled instantaneously without unnecessary time lags. There will be a very high level of consistency in conveying and not subjected to the moods of the conveyor, as in any manual call tree. The records for audit requirements can be extracted.

An automated call tree triggers redundant communication channels like Call, SMS, Email, whatsapp etc.,

An automated call tree based on an insightful DRP comprising accident prevention alerts provides legal protection to the management distinguishing individual negligence.

Some of the benefits of automated call tree in any organization as against a manual one are summarized below

§  Ensures accountability

§  Efficient utilization of manpower

§  No Risk of message distortion

§  Not Subjected to moods & persons

§  Remote triggering - safety assured

§ Uninterrupted  Business Continuity - Production

§  Timely Service - benefits assured as intended

§  Cost Saving - avoiding penalties

§  Reliable communication -  more channels