Disaster Recovery – Call Tree

Disaster Recovery – Call Tree

The process of disaster recovery in an organization is its planned methodology to access and regain functionality to its IT infrastructure, after disasters causing outages.

Some examples of such disasters could be natural disasters like earthquake or fire and issues like technology failures or system incompatibilities or more critically unauthorized access by third parties. Such outages are also sometimes caused by simple human errors.

A proper Disaster recovery plan prevents outages and disruptions. It also helps in mitigating the risk of downtime, in case of unforeseen disasters.

Call trees play a crucial role in Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). The automated call tree applications contact individuals as per the DRP using a landline, email, text message or any other defined type of communication, on a few mouse clicks serving the purpose. Usage of such automated call tree applications enhances the reliability of the organization through improving customer retention and of course, reducing recovery costs.

Callertree.com helps in disaster recovery, addressing all the key elements of an effective disaster recovery plan, namely

Internal & external communication through its user friendly & flexible escalation matrix entry. Its Recovery Timeline, enables users to set Recovery Time Objective (RTO). Callertree.com also enables users to trigger Recovery point Objective(RPO)independently and facilitates Data Backups.

Testing and optimization of the recovery plan is addressed through mock drills via https://callertree.com/ once or twice a year, facilitated on two clicks.